Euro Vent N25

The primary purpose of ventilation systems is to maintain a healthy indoor climate. The presence of ventilation is capable of ensuring the productive operation of each element of the roof structure. The effectiveness of the thermal insulation of the roof which was carried out during the installation of the roof, depends on the work of ventilation. If there is no roof ventilation or it is not working effectively, then the following negative points may occur:

•the accumulation of condensate, which settles on roof rafters and other wooden structures. causes them to rot and premature destruction;
•Condensation on metal parts contributes to their corrosion, destroys moisture and concrete brick parts. Poor ventilation contributes to the formation of moisture on the roof surface, leading to the formation of ice floes and the destruction of the roofing material;
• The accumulation of condensate causes a layer of insulation to become wet, which loses its thermal insulation properties. This increases
heating costs in winter and overheats during the summer.